Advice to families

The Office is equipped with a specialised department for catering to the issues faced by the families allowing to analyse and optimise their patrimonial situation, notably:

  • Adoption and change of matrimonial regime as per each case and improvement of protection of the surviving spouse (gift between spouses, will, consignment, recomposed families…).

  • Life-insurance (drafting of beneficiary clauses, compatibility with the matrimonial regime…).

  • Anticipation of transmission to future generations (simple gifts, inheritance, trans-generational, residual, gradual…).

  • Incorporation of family partnerships (property investment company - SCI, Civil Professional Partnership: organisation and optimisation by subdivision of proprietary rights).

  • Estate planning in an international context.

  • Anticipation of dependence (mandate of future protection, mandate with posthumous effect…).

  • Assistance for implementation of patronage (foundation, association, endowment funds…).